Conference Information

Please find below all important documents for the conference.


NEW!!! His Royal Highness Prince Charles’s opening speech of the conference: Prince Charles

The full conference program: ESG Conference Full Programme

All changes of the program: Programme changes

The list of panels with abstracts: List of panels, including abstracts

The Early career workshop information sheet: Early Career Workshop

The UEA campus map: UEA map

Heike Schroeder’s editorial to the conference: Governing Access and Allocation in the Anthropocene


Conference Papers

We are happy to offer you all submitted conference papers, which will be presented at the Earth System Governance Conference 2014 in Norwich. Please find the papers below:


Andresen and Rosendal (2014): Complexity in international regimes: implications f or biodiversity and climate change

Belschner (2014): Same Same But Different? Domestic Actor Constellations and Institutional Effectiveness in Transboundary Fisheries Management and Transboundary Pollution Abatement

Hegger, Driessen, Runhaar, Mees (2014): What European governmental actors may expect from residents in adapting cities to climate change

Kemp (2014): Framework for the Future?  Exploring the Possibility of Majority Voting in the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC)

Kemp (2014): Realpolitik and Reform at Rio+20: The Politics of Reforming the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP)